Supporting children and young people globally to safely transition into adulthood.


Our mission is to provide globally accessible gamified multi-channel learning programs that foster children’s and young people’s physical and mental health, with the aim to protect their health and future potential.


Child and adolescent mental
health is a global priority

Childhood and adolescence are crucial life stages in which social and emotional skills, knowledge and behaviours are learned that shape future mental an physical health and are important for assuming adult roles in society.

The Challenge

Child and adolescent mental health (CAMH) education is still a big taboo worldwide and thus marginalised both in the public education sector and society.

The lack of access to CAMH is a huge concern across the globe as it exposes children and young people to heavy, often long-term consequences:

Substance Abuse
Social Isolation
Sexual Abuse
Lack of Education


More resources are needed to improve both access and quality of CAMH education.

That’s why Taboobreaker is developing multi-channel programs that are accessible worldwide and provide safe and risk-free learning environments that promote the acquisition of skills and knowledge in a playful and age-appropriate way.

Serving the SDGs

Our programs aim to contribute to the achievement of the following requirements of the UN Sustainable Development Goals:

Our current programs

Welcome to Safeland

Safeland is a multi-channel program that supports children aged 6-9 years in fostering their mental and physical health. Children travel from island to island and solve tasks playfully with the support of JJ the meerkat.

Welcome to Loveland

Love Land is a multi-channel program that supports young people from 10- 18 years in fostering their mental, physical and sexual health.

On Love Land, the user acquires relevant knowledge, communication and sound decision making skills by discovering the islands of Love Land with a balance of fun and learning.


Love Land

Love Land The App is free to download and does not have any in-app purchases.

Learn more about us

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the taboobreaker association and Love Land.

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