The Love Land Train-the-Trainer program aims to provide comprehensive training and material to support educators, youth workers and further adults looking to educate young people on sexual and reproductive health.

What the Train-the-Trainer program includes

Make SRH education playful and interactive with our versatile learning material

The Love Land Training Box

The box includes carefully selected materials and playful learning units which can be individually adapted to the needs and knowledge levels of young people.

Content of the box:

  • Playground
  • 9 topic boxes (based on the Love Land app) with 3D material 
  • Warming up games 
  • Statuettes of characters of Love Land for role plays
  • Templates

The Love Land Manual

The Love Land Manual includes detailed and richly illustrated instructions for trainers, as well as lots of tricks and tips for successful sessions. 

Content of the Manual

  • Ideas on how to optimally set up your session
  • Trainer questionnaire 
  • Exercises for each topic
  • Detailed and illustrated instructions and knowledge
  • Tips and tricks to make your sessions fun and most impactful
  • Links to our learning and tutorial videos

The Love Land Board Game

The Love Land board game is played at the end of the learning session. This allows learners the opportunity to test their acquired knowledge gained during the learning sessions in a playful way.

Content of the Board Game

  • Manual
  • Island playground 
  • Q&A Cards for each island
  • Boats
  • Condoms (these are used to count the points gained)
  • White boards and board markers

Additional Content

The numerous video tutorials on our website, as well as the Love Land app can be integrated into the learning sessions, however, this is not compulsory.

Use newly acquired knowledge and decision making skills to help characters overcome various challenges by playing Love Land The App.

Watch video tutorials that cover subject matter related to sexual and reproductive health covered in the boardgame and apps and learn more about Love Land the app on

What to expect


Imparting in-depth knowledge of the topics of Love Land appropriate for young people and easy to understand.


Varied and playful teaching methods that support a gentle approach to the sensitive topics of SRH education.


Sharing and discussing uncertainties and questions and finding individual strategies to overcome them.

Training Box

Getting to know the material and concept of the training box and applying the methods and learning units.


Becoming officially certified by taboobreaker after successfully completing the Train-the-Trainer program.


Interested? Reach out and arrange your Train-the-Trainer workshop today.

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